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MyANGKASA Holdings Sdn Bhd is the business activity expansion arm of ANGKASA which develops and manages businesses with partners inside and outside the cooperative.


SPEKAR is an individual credit information search system that combines payroll deduction data managed by ANGKASA, bank credit information data (All Banks Malaysia), litigation information, bankruptcy status and other information valuable credits managed by EXPERIAN as wrong one of the largest credit reference agencies in Malaysia.

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ANGKASA Tawarruq System

The Tawarruq ANGKASA system developed by ANGKASA is a facility provided to cooperatives that carry out financing activities. This system is also a comprehensive and dynamic Shariah Compliance instrument in line with the requirements of Maqasid Shariah.

SPGA Customer Appreciation Program

ANGKASA is pleased to offer an appreciation in the form of free Personal Accident (PA) insurance amounting to RM20,000 and free PA Takaful amounting to RM50,000 to individual customers of the ANGKASA Salary Deduction System (SPGA).

MyANGKASA Azzahra Sdn Bhd

MyANGKASA Az Zahra Sdn Bhd is a joint venture between MyANGKASA Holdings Sdn Bhd (a wholly owned subsidiary of ANGKASA) and Sukaniaga Sdn Bhd to develop, maintain and operate a system characterized by “Financial Technology (FinTech)” for the purpose of innovating activities – financial activities of members of the cooperative movement in Malaysia. MyANGKASA Az Zahra Sdn Bhd plays an important role in revolutionizing the cooperative business, and subsequently the wider society.

MyANGKASA Shoraka Sdn Bhd

MyANGKASA Shoraka Sdn Bhd is a joint venture company between Shoraka Group and ANGKASA via their 100% subsidiary MyANGKASA Holdings Sdn Bhd. MyANGKASA Shoraka’s objective is to play a significant role in servicing business and financing needs of the co-operatives to propel the co-operative movement to the next level, in line with the government target i.e. a significant percentage of gross domestic product contributed by co-operatives sector.

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